Second Chances

The Second Chances is a useful, productive, voucher program meant for those in need of clothing and household items.  This program is available through the YWCA of the Harbor Area’s – Julia’s Closet thrift shop during regular business hours.


This program facilitates a community outreach to those individuals and families that are in dire need of basic clothing and household items.  This provides an opportunity for those that are in need of a second chance to get on their feet, we offer basic clothing items, clothing for a job interview, children’s clothing, as well as items needed in the home.

This voucher program helps support those currently in a program of assistance already to supplement a temporary situational need.  

Each voucher is $25.00 (limit one per person or family of 4).


    1. Each SCP Participant must first Register at the YWCA of the Harbor Area – providing Photo ID – telephone number. Show enrollment into an assistance program or with a recognized/authorized organization.
    1. Each SCP Participant will be permitted to obtain one voucher for $25.00 every 6 months.  Only in a proven emergency would a registered SCP participant be able to obtain a voucher before the 6 month period is up.
    2. Each SCP Participant will be given an account
    3. Each voucher must be redeemed at the Julia’s Closet Thrift Store.
    4. The vouchers are only redeemable for clothing items, household items, and children’s items as applicable.
    5. The voucher does not have to be spent all at once.
    6. A total of 15 vouchers per week or 60 vouchers per month only are available.

For more information, contact Programs at YWCA of the Harbor Area 310-547-0831 or email

****Subject to Change Without Notice***