Food Distribution Program

Our Food Distribution program brings quality food and nutritional empowerment to families experiencing hardship by providing nourishing food and diverting hundreds of pounds from our landfills. Our services area, including San Pedro, Wilmington, and Northern Long Beach experience high poverty rates and various other environmental issues. Donations of food and produce are given weekly by grocery stores such as Wholefoods and Trader Joe’s. Data is taken on the donated food, and then it is bagged and distributed to community members from our facility. Members of our staff also cook different items that are donated to promote healthy habits and introduce new dishes to community members that might not be familiar with the produce.  All the food that is not distributed is put into our compost bins to undergo the process of making it into fertilizer we use for our gardens. The sense of empowerment and dignity derived from having healthy and nutritious food is the first step in building relationships with our participants and promoting community health. We encourage engagement in advanced services that will be built out such as cooking classes, personal farming, and composting to build self-sufficiency and promote environmental sustainability.

We are always looking for volunteers, accepting donations, and wanting to promote our service. For any questions please contact