Cultural Affairs

Department of Cultural Affairs delivered a poster print lessons to the students in World Tots. Making Peace: An Introduction to Resolving Conflict Creatively & Poster Prints was the name of the activity.

Testimonial from Jerry Allen:

  • The students were extremely excited about their posters, glued to hand-held church/advertising fans. We gathered in a circle, asking students to review: What is good listening? “Look at the person talking.” What does respect mean? “Treat each other nicely.”
  • Some must have seen protests in the last year, not surprisingly, as about 10 students spontaneously starting marching, circling around, the rest following them while chanting:
  • “More Candy! More Snacks!” The adults burst out laughing, while students carried on, marching from inside to outside, for at least 10 minutes.
  • Neither the teachers nor I talked about “protesting,” only a poster parade. Yet, the students clearly made their demands known, regardless of the “respect” lessons. AND they were good to one another that afternoon.
  • By chance, a week later, I met the mother of a student, who exclaimed: “You taught my daughter to protest! She loved stenciling prints and making that poster. She still marches at home! When Covid’s over, perhaps I’ll take her to a social justice march.” This mother couldn’t attend the final event, but certainly heard about it. I was thrilled to meet her.
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