Racial Justice Program

The YWCA of the Harbor Area is committed to the hallmark program ‘Racial Justice’, with its long history of advocacy since the civil rights movement and before.  With awareness events, such as the Racial Justice Breakfast, and more recently the combined events relating to the awareness and prevention of Human Trafficking, has placed the YWCA of the Harbor Area as a forerunner and leader in our community area in bringing awareness to the plight that families face throughout the United States and the world.  This is a continuing to grow problem, that is in our immediate area – and the YWCA is committed to help protect our young children from the horrors of trafficking.  

Through partnerships with local organizations and programs, there is collaboration and a commitment to long term programs that would stem the increase of trafficking activity in our immediate and surrounding communities.

As non-profit partner for the See It – End It Film and Arts Festival, we put our support to such a worthy medium to educate and bring awareness to all age groups.



VIRTUAL See It – End It Film & Art Festival …. COMING SOON

Ending Human Trafficking

See It – End It Film & Arts Festival is a collaboration of community partners, nonprofit and governmental organizations surrounding the vision of raising awareness of human trafficking and actionable steps towards its end.

Prevention is the focus of See It – End It and interrupting the demand for prostituted children and the vulnerable in an age of internet grooming and recruitment occurring in homes, schools and public places is critical.

Our goal is to inspire community members, businesses and organizations to take up the cause of ending human trafficking and providing them access to resources and programs to support through the visual impact of film and the arts.

For more information on our VIRTUAL Film & Art Festival to end human trafficking, go to www.seeitendit.com.

Voter Education

In partnership with the League of Women’s Voters, the YWCA of the Harbor Area makes it a priority to provide non-partisan voting information to the general public, and specific detailed information that voters need to know before going to the polls relating to propositions on the ballot.  These educational events are made available before the primary and before the general elections.