YWCA Staff

Jessica Rodriquez

Jessica Rodriquez, Interim Executive Director

ABOUT: Raised in Torrance, CA, Jessica enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her son and husband. Her favorite food is home style Italian cooking. Jessica has been part of the YWCA family since August 2014.

FUN FACT: She is currently seeking opportunities to become a candidate for her Masters in Sociology.

EDUCATION: California State University Dominguez Hills- Bachelor in Business Administration and Human Resources –August 2012.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT THE YWCA: The wonderful things we do for the women and girls in the community. It’s rewarding to know I am a part of someone’s life.



Rayme Velasquez, Program Coordinator

ABOUT:  Rayme is a native of Wilmington, CA.  She is the second out of four children. She loves to be a helping hand to those in need.  She has been part of the YWCA family since September 2015

FUN FACT: Rayme enjoys spending time with her family and close friends. She loves adventure and animals. Rayme practices a Vegan life-style.

EDUCATION:  Rayme is currently a student at Los Angeles Harbor College.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT THE YWCA: “We have the ability to change peoples lives for the better, make another being smile.” Rayme’s dream has always been to impact the world in a positive way, she believes she can do that here at the Y.

QUOTE: “Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last river stream poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money.”  – Cree Indian Prophecy


Rosa Martin

Rosa Martin, Cradle Closet Coordinator

ABOUT: Originally from La Paz, Bolivia, Rosa grew up in San Pedro. She is the oldestof three girls and has a teen age son. She loves trying new things and expe

riencing different cultures. She loves the ocean and the sea breeze, which she finds very peaceful and relaxing. She has been part of the YWCA family since February 2000.

FUN FACT: Rosa started working as a volunteer for the Encore+ Program and the Teen Club. When the long-time receptionist of the YWCA retired, Rosa saw an opportunity. Although she was relatively inexperienced, she asked

to be given a chance and now continues in that role.

BRIEF HISTORY: Rosa started off just answering phones and some miscellaneous office duties. As the years passed, her responsibilities grew, along with her knowledge and skills. Rosa’s journey is a true testament to the YWCA mission of empowering women.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT THE YWCA: The fact that our programs affect so many families in need in a positive way. Having grown up in a low income, minority family, Rosa can relate to the experiences of our clientele.